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Online Security

To guide against unauthorized access to your account, it is important that you protect your details securely. Consequently, The unavoidable fact remains; you are your best protection while conducting financial transactions online. As a result, we advice that you kindly follow the online security tips below when transacting on the FCMB Online Platform.


  • A password should be used when accessing your account online. Your password should be known to you only and should change regularly. Avoid using birthdates, numbers or words that may be easy for others to guess.
  • Always be careful of how and to whom you give your password. Keep your password private. Upon completion of your transactions, ensure you sign out of the online banking platform, clear your cache and close your browser. Often, it is easy to forget to sign out of an online banking session.
  • Never disclose, share or provide your password to anyone. Please be informed that on no condition would FCMB request for your password. Please do not reveal your personal verification question answers to anyone or disclose them in any email. Giving your password verification answers to another person or company, places your finances and privacy at risk.
  • If you do use a public access computer, such as an Internet café or public library, ensure to change your password after completing your session. If in doubt, call the contact centre for a password reset and complete de-activation of your profile until you are convinced your account is safe from unnecessary access.


We invite you to take advantage of these safety tips when performing your online banking transactions.

For more information, please call our Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or 0700FCMBMYBANK (07003262692265).Alternatively you can send an email to or visit